Do Not Ignore Address Change Notifications from the Florida Department of State

Posted December 2018

A new Florida law has been enacted to help detect fraudulent filings made with the Florida Department of State. The new law amends provisions relating to notices to be provided to corporations, non-profit corporations, limited liability companies and limited partnerships formed or registered in Florida after an address change for the entity is filed with the Department. Prior law required the Department to send a notice of the change only to the email address on file for the entity or, if there is no email address, only to the mailing address on file. As an additional measure of security, the new law now requires the Department to send a notice of a change to the email address to both the new email address and the most recent prior email address on file. Similarly, if a filing made with the Department changes the mailing address of an entity, the notice from the Department must now be mailed to both the new mailing address and the most recent prior mailing address on file. This new dual notification requirement is designed to reduce the likelihood that an unauthorized address change filing with the Department will go undetected.

In light of these recent changes, be sure to review carefully any notifications received from the Department regarding email or mailing address changes. A periodic review of entity information on the Florida Department of State website ( should be made to confirm no unauthorized changes have occurred. Finally, when completing your entity annual reports, be sure all information is correct so that future notices sent by the Department will be received in a timely manner.”

The above information is provided for general information purposes only and should not be considered legal advice or a legal opinion as to any specific facts or circumstances. Do not act based solely on this information without consulting legal or other professional advisors.